Interest rates are set to rise

The Bank of England has signaled its intention to raise interest rates, and other central banks, including the US Federal Reserve, are likely to be making a similar response to rising inflationary pressures.

Market timing

“Exchange traded funds (“ETFs”) make no sense unless they are vehicles for market timing”. So wrote investment commentator John Authers in the Financial Times on 24 February 2018.

Dormant pensions grab

The government is considering including pension and insurance products in the scheme which it established in 2011 for diverting to charitable causes holdings in bank and building society accounts which have been dormant for at least 15 years.

The perils of DIY investment

The Financial Times reports...

Trustees’ liability

It is flattering to be invited to become a trustee of a charity, but the role does entail responsibilities – and potential liability.

The march of the robots

Most people’s perception of a robot is a replica of a human being on the lines of Star Wars’ R2-D2. But the reality is rather different.

Employee Share Schemes

More than 10,000 UK companies offer share incentive schemes to their employees which benefit from government tax concessions.

Hammond favours pensions

The previous Chancellor, George Osborne, reduced the annual and lifetime allowances for pension savings and at the same time increased the allowance for Individual Savings Accounts (‘ISAs’). This led many to assume that he intended that in the long term ISAs should become the principal means of saving for retirement.
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Long term care dilemma

Care home chains are in trouble. Demand for places is increasing with longevity and the rising number of cases of dementia, but funding is predominantly dependent on Local Authorities, whose own stretched resources are limiting their ability to pay and leading to their demanding places at below their cost price.